The Project

Facing a history of omissions, we talk today of witches’ plants. We talk about the link between nature and the power of healing that women have always possessed: orality and geography, secrets and recipes for curing all kinds of suffering.

PlanteSorcières is an interdisciplinary long term project about the transmission of the knowledge as an act of resistance and the process of sharing as a way of survival.

It speaks about women and plants, about medicine and rituals, it cares about care and maintenance, it holds collectives memories and individual stories.

PlanteSorcières is an attempt to reflect (on) our position, as women, (re)narrating the history of the women before us.

It speaks of a history of power, about a persecuted knowledge and forgotten voices.

It tells stories of relationships and encounters, moving through the present – from the past – giving possible views of the future

  • Yarrow – for the lack of memory
    Legend says that the botanical name of the yarrow (Achillea Millefolium L.) derives from that of the hero of Greek mythology Achilles, who, during the siege of the city of Troy, used this plant to treat the wounded shoulder of a soldier. Thanks to its antihemorrhagic and healing properties, yarrow has always been used toContinua a leggere “Yarrow – for the lack of memory”
  • Interview with Germaine Cousin
    Last spring we had the possibility to meet Germaine Cousine who shared with us most of her knowledge about medicinal plants giving an important contribution to our research. Thanks to her help we were able to create and publish the first PlanteSorciéres fanzine. Here a brief interview with her…
  • How to fold the fanzine…
    Comment plier la fanzine…
  • Walking with PlanteSorcières
    PlanteSorcières was born with the aim of investigating the possible relationships between a knowledge rooted in different territories and the international history of the women persecution, both in the past and in the present. More specifically, we are interested in deepening the role played by the introduction of the traditional medicine and the beginning ofContinua a leggere “Walking with PlanteSorcières”
  • Dans le fanzine
    En Europe, en moins de deux siècles, des milliers de femmes ont été torturées et assassinées. Pendues, noyées et brûlées vives. Les chiffres ne sont pas connus avec précision. En Suisse, 60’000 personnes ont été condamnées à mort, c’est le pays où le taux d’exécutions est le plus élevé par rapport au nombre d’habitants entreContinua a leggere “Dans le fanzine”
  • Et le fanzine est prêt !
    And the fanzine is ready! si tu veux télécharger, imprimer et distribuer le fanzine, tu peux le faire en cliquant ici: if you want to download, print and distribute the fanzine, you can do so by clicking here:
  • (senza titolo)
    Nous partageons le savoir que les femmes des montagnes valaisannes ont reçu génération aprés génération. La survie de cette connaissance a coûteé la vie à de nombreuses femmes. Aujourd’hui nous la faisons circuler comme sève vitale/mémoire/résistance. We share the knowledge that the women of the Valais mountains have received generation after generation. The survival of thisContinua a leggere