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Intagram PlanteSorcières


Andrea Herrera


Caterina Giansiracusa


PlanteSorcières #01

  • Alejandra Grandon: illustrator and intercontinental artist friend
  • Ancuta (Anca) Cristina Petrescu: botanical expert and adventure companion
  • Anne-Julie Raccoursier: practical tutor
  • Barnaby Drabble: theoretical tutor and english text support
  • Camille: french text support
  • Carlos Costa Rubio: companion of designed, developped and built of the device
  • Charles Drotkowski: help in the research process
  • David Favre: translation En-FR and artistic and emotional support
  • Espace récréatif La Grenette – Lausanne
  • Federica Martini: theoretical tutor
  • Germaine Cousin: natural knowledge conselor, theoretical/practical mentor, life tutor
  • Isabelle Gabioud: natural knowledge conselor
  • Lucie Schaeren: comunication and network in Lausanne
  • Seba Ali: design programs tutor and adventure companion