Yarrow – for the lack of memory

I am the Yarrow * I am a witch plant * anti-inflammatory * antispasmodic * calming * healing * antiseptic

If you look for me in the field * you will find me

I am the Yarrow * I am a witch plant * I am connected to ancestral * Knowledge * for which many women * were killed here, in Europe

Natural medicine is a space of * Resistance * Self-healing with plants * is an act of resistance * resistance linked to all resistances * to those of Chili * to those of Haiti * to those of Bolivia * to those of Colombia * to those of China * to those of Kurdistan * to those of Palestina * to those of Hong-Kong * Resistance linked to all the resistances * Collectives and individuals

I am the Yarrow * I am a witch plant * who have always been in the struggles * healing the bodies that bleed * Bleeding bodies in the hands of the police * Bleeding bodies to demand justice * and dignity for all

I am the Yarrow * I am a witch plant * for the lack of memory

Legend says that the botanical name of the yarrow (Achillea Millefolium L.) derives from that of the hero of Greek mythology Achilles, who, during the siege of the city of Troy, used this plant to treat the wounded shoulder of a soldier.

Thanks to its antihemorrhagic and healing properties, yarrow has always been used to heal wounds and has long been used in battlefields

External use:

Fresh leaves directly on the wound – One of its most recognized caracteristics is its high healing and anti-haemorrhagic properties

Internal use:

The whole plant as a herbal tea – fresh or dried – Useful for the menstrual cycle and after childbirth


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